What We Do

Experienced DJ Entertainers

Our team of Norwich Children Entertainers has all of the required skills and experience to keep your children entertained during the disco. It’s essential to understand when to play the appropriate music, game, or competition. You may be assured that we have the necessary skills to guarantee that your child’s party is a complete success.

Norwich City Football Club Kids Disco

Children’s Disco Norwich will arrive 45 minutes early. The Disco will take approximately 30 minutes to set up and half as long to pack down.

Our team will make balloon modelling swords for the smaller children upon their arrival, and then 10 minutes later, games and prizes will be held for all ages from 4 to 16 years. 30/40 minutes of entertaining activities, disco, interaction, bubbles, and snow.

Take a 20-minute break for food and drinks, as well as the cutting of the birthday cake. We can get the kids to sing the birthday song as a group.

We’ll present the Spinning Plates, Space Hoppers, Hula Hooping Games, Tug of War, and more games and rewards for the remaining 50 minutes.

The grownups simply have to worry about food and drinks, as well as the occasional participation in some of our games.

Norwich City Football Club Kids Disco